Creating Calm Confident Kiddos

About us

At Yogalette we came up with a new concept regarding our Kiddos’ wellness and happiness. We realized that taking care of your health and mind does not have start at adulthood, so we created the perfect Kiddomat: a playful and safe children’s yoga mat.

We have created colorful and harmonious designs so the kids can enjoy their Yoga time alongside their parents in perfect harmony. Our belief that happiness and mindfulness should be shared by all the members of the family no matter of their age. The key is to give everybody the opportunity to have a good time, including kids…and why not, create the calm and confident adults of tomorrow. A healthy and balanced body will lead to a balanced mind.

Our designs are compact, fun and colorful and will give kids their own place to practice yoga with the family or with their friends…at home or in the open. The options are basically endless with Kiddomat and that is exactly what we want: to give Kiddos endless reasons to smile.

As a mother of three, my only dream is to see my babies healthy and smiling every single day. I know this is also what every other parent around the world is dreaming of at night. At Yogalette we offer this opportunity by helping kids form their own healthy and joyful identity.

 Thank you for supporting Yogalette and our children, the future.